Thursday , 18 January 2018
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When Vigilantes Are Inexperienced-They Dress up Like Ninjas

When Vigilantes Are Inexperienced-They Dress up Like Ninjas

In April of 2008 two young adult males made the news as Ninja Vigilantes that got busted in New Jersey.  Who wouldn’t read more about that?  I of course did and therefore I want to make sure I share the story with the Vigilante Justice readers just in case you didn’t hear about it.

The police arrested Tadieusz Terkiewicz, who was 20 years of age and Jess Trojaniak who was 19 years of age, and were found by police sitting in their car dressed like ninjas. Take a moment to soak in that information.  Yes, these two young adults were dressed like ninjas and after seeing their mug shots I  questioned if they were really as old as they were reported to be.

The officer reported the two young men were wearing tactical vests with many pockets which enabled them to carry knives with sheaths and Ninja throwing knives. The madness didn’t stop there, they also were equipped with Chinese throwing stars, swords, bow and arrows and 4 pointed tacks.

Ninja VigilantesApparently these two bad boys had street cred as they told police they were known on the streets as The Shinobi Warriors. Before they were caught they were apparently delivering threatening letters to drug dealers in the area.  One of the letters apparently said the following, “Shinobi will stop your cruel and sadistic intentions with justified yet, merciful force” and accused dealers and junkies of committing “sins of passing impurity.”  There were no reports provided as to how many letters were actual delivered to drug dealers homes.

One source reported that one of the letters made it to Tadieusz’s girlfriends home.  Apparently they had a falling out.

Both boys/men were charged with the possession of weapons.  Tadieusz was charged with harassment.

These two young men were lucky that the police found them and got them off the streets before something happened.  If they really were leaving letters on the doors of drug dealers the police can be credited with saving the lives of those two boys.

If you decide to be a vigilante I would not go this route as they are going to have a record for playing dress up.