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Vigilante Justice Become Rampant In Buenos Aires, Argentina – April 2014

Vigilante Justice Become Rampant In Buenos Aires, Argentina – April 2014

The people will rise up and take justice into their own hands if local law enforcement doesn’t do their job.  If law enforcement is corrupt the community will circle the wagons and protect their own.  History has shown repeatedly that vigilantism will rise up when lawlessness exists.

In Argentina vigilante justice is being reported repeatedly.   Buenos Aires is in a state of emergency after Argentines become fed up with police corruption.  The provincial governor, Daniel Scioli said, “Too much blood has been spilled.”

Argentina’s President, Cristina Kirchner is blaming the media for the vigilante justice that has taken place.  The president is urging the media not to hide the good news.  That might be another way of asking the media to stop reporting bad news.

An 18 year, old David Moreira was killed by vigilantes after he stole a woman’s purse. The bystanders were fed up with lawlessness and crime in the area.

A man was caught breaking into a vehicle in Merlo.  The owner of the vehicle and neighbors beat the man until police arrived.

Vigilante Justice Buenos AiresPublic reaction is interesting.  A recent survey shows that 30 percent of Buenos Aires residents approve of the recent lynchings while 60 percent disapprove. 90 percent of people think crime is out of control.

The governor of Buenos Aires which is home to 15 million people which is 1/3 of the country’s population said he is going to invest $74 million to lower the crime rate.  The governor intends to buy 1000 new patrol cars, 10,000 new weapons, and 30,000 new bulletproof vests.  The governor also intends to rehire 5,000 retired officers to compliment the police force that totals 72,000.  But will the investment into new vehicles and weapons compensate for the corrupted police officers?

Lynching in Latin America doesn’t mean the same thing as it does in the United States.  In Latin America it means to beat criminals while in the United States it means to hang a person to death.  Many believe that by using the word lynching it will build compassion for the criminals and paint them as victims.

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