Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Vigilante Crashes into Car to Protect Children

Fox 13 reported how a 14 year old teenager in Syracuse Utah took his grandfather’s vehicle without permission.  A citizen located the vehicle after hearing efforts to locate the vehicle on his police scanner app.   In a raw footage video taken by a citizen you can see the vehicle speeding through a park with children all around.

Later in the car chase a citizen identified as Bryson Rowley drove his truck into the kid putting so many people at risk because he could see that the teen driver was heading back in the direction of the park.  The car chase officially ended around 6:12 p.m. at 1500 S. Banbury Drive in Syracuse.

The teenager was taken into custody.

There is a silver lining about the vigilante citizen sacrificing his vehicle to stop the crazy teen driver.   The vigilante’s insurance company wouldn’t cover the damage because the accident was intentional.  West Valley Carstar body shop did about $15,000 worth of work on his vehicle on only $7,500 worth of damage.  The added some extras like “new turbos, new front differential parts, a new fuel system, new back bumper and some new shocks.”  This was according to