Wednesday , 21 February 2018
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Vigilante Bicyclist Rocks the Streets of London

Vigilante Bicyclist Rocks the Streets of London

The Malaymail Online reported on a 49 year old bicyclist Lewis Dediare who is one of a few dozen bicyclists driving around the streets of London busting individuals on video that are breaking the law.  Whether it’s bad driving, running red lights or even traveling too close to bicyclist Dediare is there to document it while riding his bicycle.  To see if vehicles travel to close to bicyclist Mr. Dediare carries a tape measure to document any such instances of it.

According to reports Mr. Dediare reports approximately 4 individuals to police every day. He even posts the infractions on Youtube.

So why did Mr. Dediare begin his vigilante efforts to document bad driver in London?  In 2009 he was involved in a bicycle accident for which he nearly died.   And he isn’t only worried about himself. Approximately 15 bicyclists are killed every year in London.

And even though Mr. Dediare is doing a noble thing, others don’t feel that he is.  Many call him a snitch while others have attacked him.

Mr. Dediare’s efforts are not in vain.  The police are on his side and take action on the evidence he provides to them.

Being a vigilante doesn’t require hurting someone physically to make them do the right thing.  It’s the fear of getting in trouble that keeps people from doing the wrong thing.  Providing videos to the police and the police acting on those videos is what will eventually help drivers to understand they need to be safer on the roads.