Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Snow Plow Vigilante

Snow Plow Vigilante

Unlike many vigilantes we see in the news where they hurt or injure someone that has wrong them Jason Berry of Arlington did something even better.

Berry alleges that a snow plow on Arlington’s Military Road was plowing the road in the wrong direction against traffic.  Berry said he hit his brakes and continued to travel towards the large snow plow.  Berry then pulled his emergency brake and found his vehicle sliding across the median into the opposing lane.  Upset that a snow plow could have cut his car in half he grabbed his video camera that he had in his car and caught back up to the snow plow as it continued to travel in the wrong direction.

Snow plow picAs Berry caught up to the snow plow he narrates and explains how dangerous the actions of the snow plow driver were.  During the documentation of the dangerous and illegal actions of the driver another vehicle came down hill towards the plow.  The plow moved slightly to the side of the road.  The oncoming driver almost slowed to a stop (assuming they were perplexed as to what the plow driver was doing).

After Berry videotaped the driver he returned home and called the police to inform them of the dangerous actions of the plow driver.  He also went on to notify his friends in the Arlington County government (which is always nice).  Finally he posted the video on which would be the largest audience could ask for.  I imagine this put pressure on the local government to act very quickly to avoid an outcry from…well, everyone.

Later in the morning which was apparently on the same day the Arlington’s Department of Environmental Service became aware of the incident and took action.  The driver of the snow plow was removed from snow plow duty.  The driver was an employee for approximately 10 to 15 years.  The incident is under investigation and the driver is apparently not being removed from work all together but just from the snow plow.

My Quick Thoughts

For someone to be working for a city for 10 to 15 years I would have to imagine that he had driven that plow before.  Driving along the wrong side of the road is a common sense issue in my opinion.  If it wasn’t for the video camera vigilante, who knows what might have happened.

Source: Washington Post