Wednesday , 21 February 2018
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Photoshop Vigilante Lorde – Vigilantism Takes All Forms

Photoshop Vigilante Lorde – Vigilantism Takes All Forms

Lorde the female recording artist from New Zealand best known for her song Royals released an untouched photo of herself on Twitter performing to remind fans that it is ok to be imperfect.  Lorde is quite ok with the fact that she has flaws and apparently doesn’t want anyone thinking that she is perfect which I applaud her for.

She recently started another tweet campaign in regards to a recent Teen Vogue spread.  She said that she loved the photo however believes that the teen magazine changed her nose because it looked a bit different than usual.

Lorde 2

The photo Lorde refers to is clearly altered in more ways than one to give it that artistic feel.  There is nothing wrong with touching up photos but the problem that many people fail to talk about is how every picture shown these days in fashion magazines refer to a skinny girl with a perfect complextion.  The reality is that not everyone looks perfect.  I think this is why Lorde has come forward and called out her own picture.

I don’t know if Lorde is the perfect role model for you men or women but it is refreshing to see someone as a vigilante in respect to calling out those that aim to make every picture of a model look perfect.

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