Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Vigilante Groups

The Prineville Vigilantes – Vigilantes Justice in Crook County Oregon

A dark time in Oregon’s history began in Crook County and more specifically Prineville, Oregon on March 15, 1882. Two men named A.H. Crooks  and Stephen Jory  were marking  boundary lines near the ranch of a man named Lucius Langdon near the town of Prinville.  The two men took a break for lunch and when they returned Mr. Langdon stood ... Read More »

Anti-Horse Thief Association – The AHTA

The Anti-Horse Thief Association appears to be one of the very few vigilante groups that was truly interested in doing the right thing and catching the bad guys.  Though it started as a vigilante group that primarily caught horse thieves, they later expanded their horizons and focused on all type of criminals and crimes.  The Anti-Horse Thief Association or AHTA ... Read More »

Committee of Vigilance in San Francisco – 1851 and 1856

In the Gold Rush days of San Francisco there was much law breaking and lawlessness.  Miners from around the world found themselves looking to find gold and make it rich.  The  website shares a time in San Francisco history when vigilantes take matters into their own hands on two different occasions.  One occasion took place in 1851 and the ... Read More »

The Bald Knobbers – A Real Life Vigilante Group

The Bald Knobbers were one of the earliest documented vigilante groups documented though I am sure there have been many groups before the Bald Knobbers that were undocumented. The Ozarks in southern Missouri became very under populated after the civil war.  It is reported that the population of Taney County went from population of approximately 3,500 before the civil war ... Read More »