Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Canadian Vigilante and Overprotective Dad Gets In Trouble-Vigilante News

Canadian Vigilante and Overprotective Dad Gets In Trouble-Vigilante News

What would you do if you were being harassed repeatedly for weeks?  In Cobourg Ontario Canada  Chris Littlechild took things to the next level.  What did he do? Lets first explain what led him to be a bit of a vigilante.

Apparently for 6 weeks nearly every night someone was pounding on his front door and then driving off and honking their horn.  Calls were made to the police and nothing was being done about the harassment to his family.  Finally Mr. Littlechild snapped after the pranksters covered the doorknob with silly string during one of their late night door knocking visits.  This lead him to the idea of staking out his own residence and waiting for the pranksters to make their move.

Then around 1 a.m. the pranksters predictably came to the residence and Littlechild jumped out of his vehicle with a baseball bat in hand.  The crazy thing is that he managed to corner the individuals in the vehicle.  He told them, “You’re coming with me. We’re going to the cop shop.”

As expected the pranksters refused and that made Littlchild a bit upset and he took it out on the pranksters vehicle by breaking the side mirror with his bat.  He admits he lost his temper but one could imagine he was just trying to strike a bit of fear in the their hearts.

The other children pranksters that didn’t’ get caught returned to the scene with parents and the police arrived shortly thereafter. 

Things didn’t exactly go as planned with Littlechild being arrested, taken to the police station, charged, finger printed, photographed, and released a couple of hours later.  Apparently one of the teens that took part in the harassment was also charged with a minor offense. 

The difference between the charge against Littlechild and the teenager is that Littlechild will have a criminal record potentially and the teen will get nothing more than a ticket.

Littlechild doesn’t consider himself a vigilante but was going to protect his family to ensure they were safe.

Canadian VigilanteThoughts

Like any fed up individual he wanted the pranksters to stop doing what they were doing.  I don’t know that he was in any real danger but I am familiar with the type of harassment he felt.  And I too had someone ringing my door bell and I too chased after the pranksters.  And I caught them just like he did.  The difference is I wasn’t carrying a bat and I was more interested in scaring them a bit and letting them know I wouldn’t be as nice the next time they decided ring my door bell.  I also told their parents that the door bell ringing needed to stop.

Adults are judged differently because there are different expectations of them from society.  Littlechild was in the moment and took it a bit too far when he hit the car with a bat.  He probably would have been within his rights up to that point.  Hopefully this brief moment of vigilantism won’t be judged too heavily and he will have learned from this experience.

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