Wednesday , 21 February 2018
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Calgary Police Warn off Potential Vigilantes

Calgary Police Warn off Potential Vigilantes

Police officers in Calgary are warning members of the public to not take justice into their own hands (vigilante justice) against Chad Barry Robert Stone.  The 41 year old Stone was charged with voyeurism and luring a child by telecommunication after a video recording device was found in the girl’s bathroom along with a large amount of technology that was confiscated from his apartment.  (It is assumed that the authorities determined the technology found in his apartment to be closely associated video recording equipment).

Stone has since been released on bail to return to his residence with strict conditions associated to his release.  As one could imagine neighbors are very uneasy having him back in the neighborhood after knowing what he had been charged with.

Inspector Chris Butler stated the following,

“Although I understand the concern of people that live in that area, we’re not going to tolerate criminal misconduct and we will lay appropriate charges if there is vigilantism that is criminal in nature.

“We have to understand … we live in a society that is governed by law … and we will not tolerate any vigilantism.”

Canadian_police_carsPolice indicated they were beefing up patrols in the area of the victim and the accused.  This is presumably to protect the alleged victim as well as the accused from any vigilantism taking place.  However despite saying they are conducting more patrols in the area, neighbors have not seen a noticeable change in police activity throughout the area.

Law enforcement officials have stated allegations against Stone continue to come in and they are following up on the information that comes in.   There may in fact be more charges filed against Stone after information pulled off his digital storage device is evaluated.

Stone’s next court appearance is scheduled for May 7, 2014.