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Motorcycle Litter Vigilante Videos – Chasing down litter bugs and getting them back

Litter vigilantes are nothing new and I believe everyone has a little bit of a litter vigilante in themselves.  No one wants to see people blatantly litter.  It shows the laziness of an individual and the disrespect for a community is someone chooses to litter. The motorcyclist vigilante’s videos look a bit staged but I can’t prove it one way ... Read More »

Vigilante Bicyclist Rocks the Streets of London

The Malaymail Online reported on a 49 year old bicyclist Lewis Dediare who is one of a few dozen bicyclists driving around the streets of London busting individuals on video that are breaking the law.  Whether it’s bad driving, running red lights or even traveling too close to bicyclist Dediare is there to document it while riding his bicycle.  To ... Read More »

3 Suspected Rapists Burned Alive by Vigilantes

In the community of Huehuetenango three suspected rapists were burned alive by an angry mob. The police Chief  Henry Delgado to the media that officers tried to prevent the lynching of the three individuals two of which were  identified as brothers  Enrique, 26, and Rigoberto Ramos 18 and their 18 year old nephew Leonardo Herrera but were unsuccessful.  The three ... Read More »

A Vigilante Pulls Over a Police Officer Speeding While Talking on a Phone

I was a bit surprised to watch this video unfold.  You can see the police officer first attempt to defend his actions with a response that would be expected from a police officer.   This officer was different and his response was refreshing. I think you will be surprised of the response of this police officer.  His response is admirable and ... Read More »

Shoplifting Vigilante Gets Shoplifter on Video

A man gets caught by what many are calling a shoplifting vigilante.  Reported by CNN and many others you can see the man (shoplifter) removing his license plate so the video camera vigilante could not video tape it.  He then throws all the stolen groceries into the back of his vehicle that he states were purchased (however not bagged) into ... Read More »

Vigilante Crashes into Car to Protect Children

Fox 13 reported how a 14 year old teenager in Syracuse Utah took his grandfather’s vehicle without permission.  A citizen located the vehicle after hearing efforts to locate the vehicle on his police scanner app.   In a raw footage video taken by a citizen you can see the vehicle speeding through a park with children all around. Later in the ... Read More »

Victim Turned Vigilante Private Investigator Catches a Thief

A thief stole credit cards and decided to go on a shopping spree which was all captured on video.  On victim decided that police weren’t doing enough and turned vigilante to track him down.  A bit of a vigilante private investigator. Read More »

Russian Vigilante Stops a Drunk Driver

A Russian vigilante tracks down a drunk driver and pulls him from his vehicle.  The driver was not very cooperative but the vigilante does it without hurting the driver. Read More »

Calgary Police Warn off Potential Vigilantes

Police officers in Calgary are warning members of the public to not take justice into their own hands (vigilante justice) against Chad Barry Robert Stone.  The 41 year old Stone was charged with voyeurism and luring a child by telecommunication after a video recording device was found in the girl’s bathroom along with a large amount of technology that was ... Read More »

Photoshop Vigilante Lorde – Vigilantism Takes All Forms

Lorde the female recording artist from New Zealand best known for her song Royals released an untouched photo of herself on Twitter performing to remind fans that it is ok to be imperfect.  Lorde is quite ok with the fact that she has flaws and apparently doesn’t want anyone thinking that she is perfect which I applaud her for. She ... Read More »