Wednesday , 21 February 2018
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3 Suspected Rapists Burned Alive by Vigilantes

3 Suspected Rapists Burned Alive by Vigilantes

In the community of Huehuetenango three suspected rapists were burned alive by an angry mob.

The police Chief  Henry Delgado to the media that officers tried to prevent the lynching of the three individuals two of which were  identified as brothers  Enrique, 26, and Rigoberto Ramos 18 and their 18 year old nephew Leonardo Herrera but were unsuccessful.  The three men were later tied to a tree and burned alive.

The men were captured on Saturday, August 23, 2014 by the mob.

A representative was quoted saying,” the lynching was regrettable” and added that “they are an incorrect way of applying justice.”

Guatemala’s widespread vigilantism dates back to 1996 after ending a 36 year civil war.

Lynchings in 2013 totaled 173 injured and 36 dead according to a human rights watchdog.

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