Calgary Police Warn off Potential Vigilantes

Police officers in Calgary are warning members of the public to not take justice into their own hands (vigilante justice) against Chad Barry Robert Stone.  The 41 year old Stone was charged with voyeurism and luring a child by telecommunication after a video recording device was found in the girl’s bathroom along with a large […]

Photoshop Vigilante Lorde – Vigilantism Takes All Forms

Lorde the female recording artist from New Zealand best known for her song Royals released an untouched photo of herself on Twitter performing to remind fans that it is ok to be imperfect.  Lorde is quite ok with the fact that she has flaws and apparently doesn’t want anyone thinking that she is perfect which […]

Washington Resident Stephen Powell Fears Vigilantes in the Tacoma Area

Stephen Powell has a disturbing past along with his two sons Michael and Josh.  Powell was released from prison on March 16, 2014 after spending a couple of years in prison for recording images of  neighborhood girls in their bathroom.  Even while going through trial it is reported that Powell appeared unapologetic for his actions. […]

Patrick Drum – The Sex Offender Vigilante In Washington State

He told police that he was going to continue killing sex offenders until they caught him.  Patrick Drum killed two sex offenders and would have killed more if he had not been caught. Drum didn’t wake up one day and decide he wanted to kill sex offenders.  It had crossed his mind but after he […]

When Vigilantes Are Inexperienced-They Dress up Like Ninjas

In April of 2008 two young adult males made the news as Ninja Vigilantes that got busted in New Jersey.  Who wouldn’t read more about that?  I of course did and therefore I want to make sure I share the story with the Vigilante Justice readers just in case you didn’t hear about it. The […]

Vigilante Justice Become Rampant In Buenos Aires, Argentina – April 2014

The people will rise up and take justice into their own hands if local law enforcement doesn’t do their job.  If law enforcement is corrupt the community will circle the wagons and protect their own.  History has shown repeatedly that vigilantism will rise up when lawlessness exists. In Argentina vigilante justice is being reported repeatedly.   […]

The Prineville Vigilantes – Vigilantes Justice in Crook County Oregon

A dark time in Oregon’s history began in Crook County and more specifically Prineville, Oregon on March 15, 1882. Two men named A.H. Crooks  and Stephen Jory  were marking  boundary lines near the ranch of a man named Lucius Langdon near the town of Prinville.  The two men took a break for lunch and when […]

Canadian Vigilante and Overprotective Dad Gets In Trouble-Vigilante News

What would you do if you were being harassed repeatedly for weeks?  In Cobourg Ontario Canada  Chris Littlechild took things to the next level.  What did he do? Lets first explain what led him to be a bit of a vigilante. Apparently for 6 weeks nearly every night someone was pounding on his front door […]

Pedophile Commits Suicide After Getting Caught by an Internet Vigilante- Stinson Hunter

Stinson Hunter aka Keiren Parsons lured and tricked Michael Parkes into thinking he was going to meet with a 12 year old girl that he met online for sex.   Michael Parkes is 45 years old and there was no 12 year old girl.  Hunter pretended he was a 12 year old girl online to lure […]

Snow Plow Vigilante

Unlike many vigilantes we see in the news where they hurt or injure someone that has wrong them Jason Berry of Arlington did something even better. Berry alleges that a snow plow on Arlington’s Military Road was plowing the road in the wrong direction against traffic.  Berry said he hit his brakes and continued to […]